Episode #1 - Isolation & Proximity


Written in 1909, the sci-fi short story "The machine stops" by E.M. Forster was for it`s time as visionary as nothing else. It imagined a future where people do live in separated and isolated spaces while exchanging idea`s through metal screens all day long. Public gatherings have been abandoned long ago due to their unpractical nature.

Being accompanied by futuristic tunes played by e-mertz, Moritz and Lotte will philosophize about the parallels between this story and how we live now. And how the pandemic has brought us closer or further from the state described in the story.
Episode #2 - Strategic life considerations


In the 2nd episode of caffeine we`re looking at different circumstances in our life and question whether they are in our own control or not. Are things that happen to our body or our reputation really something that we have control over? We're basing this conversation on the 'Enchiridion' by the ancient roman philosopher Epictetus. For him, making a division between what is in our power and what not, is essential to living a good life.

Your hosts Moritz and Marloes converse, music this time served to you by DJ Klapsalon!
Episode #3 - Permanent Economics


For episode #3 we got inspired by the economic crackdown that happened during the beginning of the pandemic outbreak of 2020. Worldwide production chains where suddenly coming to a halt. What other economic models could we think of that can make us rely better on our own environment?

Approaching this topic, Moritz and Noemi investigated the 1973 economy classic "Small is beautiful" by E.F. Schumacher. During the episode we're gonna explain different concepts Schumacher defined in 1973 and discuss their striking validity today.
Episode #4 - Permanent Economics II


What would our economy look like, if everybody had work they actually enjoyed? And what kind of education would we need to prioritize work enjoyment over material gain? These and more questions are what we're talking about in the fourth episode of caffeine radio!
Episode #5 - Biopolitics


Governments all over Europe are struggling to regulate numbers of new infections coming from the covid-19 pandemic. But how does a state regulate a "reproduction rate" of a virus? And what are the origins of these ways of regulating an entire population?
It stems from a technique known as biopolitics.

Listen to Moritz & Mihai traveling to 17th century France, where an earlier epidemic became the prototype for a political dream of control. Find out more about the workings of biopolitics and how strongly it relates to current discussions we have in society!


Caffeine Radio is a monthly show that combines contemporary (electronic) music with philosophical dialogues. Born in 2020, it presents philosophical dialogues on topics that are all loosely related to dealing better with something impacting your life out-of-nowhere like a pandemic. These are blended with abstract electronic music from the finest DJ`s of Rotterdam and surroundings.

Caffeine is a project by moritz.randomcreations.org and friendly supported by CBK Rotterdam. Graphics by Noemi Biro.